Certified Nursing Assistant

CNA’s help care for physically or mentally ill, injured, disabled, or fragile individuals confined to hospitals, long term care nursing facilities, mental health facilities and other healthcare settings. Good Nursing and Medical Training offers a state approved 102 hour CNA Day program and a 92 hour Evening program. Certified Nursing Assistants perform routine tasks under the supervision of a licensed nurse. After successful completion of this training program you will take the state CNA exam at the training center.  A Certified Nurse Assistant is qualified to work in hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, assisted living facilities, hospices, and home health care. CNA training is the basic foundation in Nursing.
Duties may include:

  • Serving meals
  • Making beds
  • Helping patients to eat, dress, and bathe
  • Answering patients’ call lights
  • Providing skin care to patients
  • Taking the patient’s temperature, pulse rate, respiration rate, and blood pressure
  • Assisting patients in getting into and out of bed and walking
  • Keeping patients’ rooms neat
  • Observing and monitoring patients’ physical, mental, and emotional conditions and reporting changes to the nursing staff

Nursing assistants fulfill basic quality-of-life needs for patients of any age in residential nursing care facilities or outpatient clinics. Since nursing assistants have daily contact with patients, they are gatherers of vital information about the patients’ conditions, which they must then transmit to their supervisors. A CNA’s workload can become intense and fast-paced, but the human contact and ability to help those in medical need is a strong motivating factor.